Wood and Iron

Greg and Ashley over at Seventh House on the Left recently put together these great looking shelves for a very affordable price.

The Browns had a limited amount of space to work with in their bathroom and were able to put these right above the toilet. That’s one great thing about custom shelves — since they’re custom, you can make them to fit! These shelves are little more than stained planks of wood sitting on top of spray-painted pieces of galvanized pipe, but the end result looks really fantastic.

Link: 7thHouseOnTheLeft.com

Cheap Shelves

The following shelves, created by Digital Press forum member PSony, utilize a combination of track/brackets and metal L-shaped brackets for support.

The white track/brackets, L-shaped brackets, and white laminate wood can all be found at most home improvement locations. While PSony uses his shelves for video games, these could obviously be adjusted to store just about anything.

Letter Shelves

Practical? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. Letter-shaped shelves! I think these would be super-awesome if they spelled out what was on the shelves, like “DVDS” and “MOVIES” and “CHILDREN’S SKULLS” …

More pictures available HERE.

My Little Pony Collection Shelves

So, what’s a lady with one of the largest collections of My Little Ponies to do? Add a collection of My Little Shelves, that’s what! Amy has one of the largest My Little Pony collections around, and a sampling of off-the-shelf shelves looks like the perfect way to display her collection. Nice job, Amy! Thanks to husband John for the photos. (Amy’s husband, not mine.)

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TV Shelves

Last week was “Big Trash Pickup” day in our neighborhood and I saw at least half a dozen CRT televisions sitting out by the curb as garbage. I should have picked them up and built a set of these.

It doesn’t look like they would store a lot, but they’ll sure hold more than a flat panel television.

White Boxes

At first glance, the shelves in the picture below look just like normal shelves:

They’re not. They’re actually individual boxes, stacked up.

The selling point? If you ever move you can just pick up your boxes and go. The downside, other than the fact that big boxes full of books are heavy, is that these boxes are $40/each. That means a wall of boxes would cost approximately four million dollars (give or take; I didn’t go the math).

Boardgame Shelves!

Chad “chaddyboy_2000” Krizan over at BoardGameGeek.com built the shelves you see below, and I definitely have to say I am jealous! Due to the cumbersome shape of the boxes, displaying and storing board games properly requires custom (and deep) shelves. I am friends with a couple of board game collectors who I plan on sharing the following information with. I hope Chad’s great example helps somebody out! The following text is Chad’s:

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Fraze’s DIY Game Shelves

My friend Fraze sent me these pictures of his shelves forever ago and I’ve been sitting on them for just as long. Sorry, Fraze!

About 2 years ago I too struggled with how to store my gaming and movie media. I specifically wanted something I could mount to a wall but was properly profiled and looked nice, opposed to putting up those dollar brackets and a shelf you can get at Home Depot. Originally I wanted them to specifically hold DVD’s, BluRays and various types of games, but that’s expanded to pictures and other items. I currently have 5 of these now holding various types of media in various rooms in my house. They work very well and they are all identical in size and dimension. Forgive the details as I am better at building them than explaining how to build them.

– the side pieces are 30″ long and 5″ wide
– the shelves themselves are 40″ long and 5″ deep

The above pieces are cut and assembled, pretty straight forward. Use oak, pine, beech, cherry whatever you like and stain/paint to whatever you prefer. I like the look of wood in its natural state so I rarely paint it so I typically use a clear stain. If you look at the pictures, you will see the 2 pieces that have a bunch of holes in them, those are the mounting pieces.

– 39.5″ long and 2″ in height.
– 26″ long 1″ wide side frame mount pieces

The reason I put holes evenly all across the bottom was to allow for easy mounting to a wall, but it turned out to be aesthetically pleasing as well. *Most* rooms are built and studded 16″ off center but…depending on your house stud finders etc, things dont always line up that way so this allows you to hang it pretty much anywhere you want on a wall and not filling your wall with holes finding studs. Anyhow, all you do is mount the pre drilled rail pieces and then the shelf attaches to them.

Thanks again for the e-mail and the photos, Fraze. Keep the submissions coming folks!

Staircase Shelves

Shelves speak to me. This one says, “we are out of room in this house.”

I love shelves as much as the next guy (probably more) but … I dunno. Not only might these push the wifey over the edge, but the books don’t look all that easy to access. I suppose for displaying a toy collection or something it could work.

The Cave Shelves

Pictures of “The Cave” have been floating around for a few years now.

I’ve actually always kind of liked the idea of reading in small, claustrophobic spaces. I think this could be turned into a kick-ass gaming setup as well. I think you could build one of these to hold games, and mount a flat-screen television in there … that would be awesome.

The biggest problem with “The Cave” is “The Price” — more than $5,200 Euros, which (currently) translates to roughly $7,500 USD (plus shipping). For $7,500 I could build a shed in my backyard to store my books, and have enough left over to have someone read them to me each night.