Tetris Shelves

If you’re into video games and you’re into shelves, you’ve probably run across these in one form or another. The problem? These (the unpainted ones) are $700. These, with the colored backings, are $1,300. Plus shipping. Or, I believe you … Continue reading

Shelf House (I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven)

No, you haven’t died and gone to Heaven. Needing a place to “store his large book collection,” the owner of this 560 square foot Japanese home turned to the Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, who covered essentially every available wall with … Continue reading

Goodwill Hunter’s Rafter-Hung Shelves

Goodwill Hunter is back again with some great looking DVD/Video Game shelves for his basement. Unlike his previous, floor-standing shelves, these were designed to hang from the rafters in his basement. Check it out! My gameroom has once again reached … Continue reading

Stackable Cardboard Shelves

Although I suspect these are more proof-of-concept than actual product (it’s hard to tell; the original site’s in French), I thought the idea was interesting enough to share. Designed Dany Gilles has created a set of interlocking/stackable shelves, made from … Continue reading

Goodwill Hunter’s Genesis Shelves

Goodwill Hunter is a man after my own heart. When you fill up your shelves, you don’t get rid of things — you build more shelves! Here is another example of shelf building by Goodwill Hunter. This guy is to … Continue reading

Goodwill Hunter’s Custom Game Shelves

The following tutorial, originally posted by Goodwill Hunter on Digital Press, was one of the original inspirations for this website. GWH did a terrific job of utilizing the space he had available, and the finished product looks completely professional. So … Continue reading

Trim Upgrade

Yesterday, Destri over at The Mother Huddle demonstrated upgrading a cheap set of shelves by adding trim to them. It’s definitely a topic I’ve been wanting to cover, and since hers came out better than mine I decided to show … Continue reading

MachineGex’s Corner NES Shelves

When reader Tom (MachineGex) saw this oddly-shaped corner in his game room, he did what any of us would do — he squeezed some custom shelves in there to display his massive collection of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games! From … Continue reading

TEEBooks Invisible Shelves

Unlike many of us who take pride in showing off our shelves, TEEBooks’ approach is to hide the shelves altogether. … Continue reading

Flat Screen TV Shelf

One of the things I miss most about my old, gigantic CRT television is how much crap I could stack, pile, and balance on top of it. Modern flat screen televisions just don’t have the same footprint on top to … Continue reading