Using Ammunition Boxes for Storage

You know I’m a fan of putting things out on shelves where others can see and enjoy them, but sometimes you need hidden storage as well. These repurposed ammunition boxes were no doubt inexpensive to acquire. If you like the natural look you can leave them the original green (left), or you can re-paint them to match your room’s interior (right).

Repurposed Door Shelves

Wood can be expensive, so repurposing wood from other projects is a good way to save money if you’re wanting to build your own shelves.

The sides of these shelves were created by taking an old door and literally cutting it right down the middle. Some woodworking had to be done to the edges, but sometimes if you want to save a buck or two you’re going to end up putting in some elbow grease instead. With the red paint applied, these shelves look fantastic!

The link below leads to detailed instructions as to how these shelves were made. It also gives some great tips as to where you can pick up inexpensive paint and wood.


Wine Box Shelves

I had no idea wine came in wooden boxes. I only drink alcohol and beer, and those cardboard cases beer comes in make terrible shelves. These wine boxes should be much more sturdy, and if you live near a liquor store like these fine people do, acquiring a stockpile of wine boxes in decent shape might even be free. The link below contains instructions, although the only steps appear to be:

01. Obtain wine boxes
02. Paint/Stain wine boxes
03. Stack wine boxes

As a guy who is always moving things around, I really like this idea.

Link: ALightDelight.comM

Staggered Corner Shelves

Here’s a variation of the corner shelves I recently featured. Instead of lining up the floating shelves, you can also choose to stagger them. The advantage of staggering them is you actually get more shelf space as you get the end of each shelf where they overlap vertically. The disadvantage is those spaces are only half as tall as the other shelves, and you lose those clean lines of shelves wrapping around the corner of a room.

The link below contains a tutorial on creating and mounting these shelves if you need help.

Link: AHomeWest

Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon/honeycomb shelves are very popular right now. Personally I’m not a huge fan of them as I like to get as much storage per shelf as possible and these appear to have a lot of wasted space, but painted and mounted these might like pretty cool. If you’re a bee. I do like the fact that in theory these shelves are expandable.

The link below contains a tutorial on how to cut the wood and assemble these shelves.


Hanging Door Shelves

If you’ve got a coat or towel hook you don’t know what to do with, I suppose you could hang some shelves from it.

These particular shelves come from, who have created a tutorial on how to create them on their website. While these particular shelves don’t really match the style we have in our home, I could easily see a brightly colored version of them hanging in a children’s bathroom.


Skateboard Shelves

My son is needing some updated shelves in his room, and while searching for “trendy shelves for teens” I found these, made from mini-skateboards. While I think they’re a cute idea, if I were going to implement them I would try and turn them into floating shelves to hide those wall-mounting brackets. I’d also use full-size skateboards, for maximum shelf space.

Relic Epic Wall

This is the “Relic Epic Wall” by Relic Interiors, a company that specializes in creating custom items from reclaimed wood. You would need a large open space for this bad boy, but all I can say is WOW. I love the black border painted around the edges of the shelves and the storage below. This is one great storage unit from top to bottom.

Link: Relic Interiors

Orange and Blue Cubes

Someone sent me a link to this picture on Pinterest but sadly I don’t have any additional information to go with it. I’ve stared at this picture for a good ten minutes now and I’m not even convinced it’s real. I think it might be a rendering.

I really like the color scheme of these, but the more I look at them, I’m not sure this is the best use of space. Are those cubes permanently mounted or are they just stacked up like that with gray slabs in between them? Are the ones on the left just resting on a shelf? Wouldn’t this just look like a climbing wall to every single kid who saw it, especially if you put his or her toys up in one of the top cubes?

I’ve changed my mind. Don’t build this.

Floating Corner Shelves

While poking around‘s archives I found these floating shelves made by Greg and Ashley Brown, the same people that created the Oak and Faux Iron shelves posted yesterday.

I love everything about these shelves. I love rooms decorated in gray and white, I love floating shelves, and I love corner shelving solutions. One great takeaway from their instructions is the part where they scored the laminated wood before cutting it — skip that step and you’ll have a jagged, cracked piece of wood on your hands. Floating shelves give such a clean look to a modern room. I love, love these.